Horizon Crest Seller

"I'm sure one of the biggest hurdles in your profession is helping buyers & sellers establish a fair price...buyers always feel they paid too much and sellers think they can get more. The comps you provide help in making that decision. It's always a tough call...and why we need the professional advice of a pro like you that we can trust. Your expertise in the neighborhood is also invaluable and should be recognized by anyone doing their homework before listing!" Toby H.

Whispering Heights Seller

"Thanks, Ross, it was not difficult for us to make a decision to list with you after having a chance to meet you. We also enjoyed working with you---you made it very easy!!!! We will pass your name along whenever we get the opportunity." Rick & Linda M.

Whispering Heights Homeowner

"Congratulations on another sale! Thanks for helping us sell our home. It was easy to be confident in you and it was a pleasure working with you. Even at our garage sale, a shopper complimented us on our agent. It turns out she was a "retired" agent and obviously respects you even though it seemed like she may have been a competitor." Craig F.

Three time repeat buyer/seller

"Ross, thanks for helping us with the purchase of our new home in addition to everything you did to help us sell our home. You were great as always and will have my business whenever the next sale or purchase comes up. As my company continues to grow and thrive, I will also talk to you about how you might help with new employees needing relocation assistance." Dean K.

Former South Bellevue Resident

"Thank you for helping us sell our home. It feels good to have that behind us especially in the market we have had. You did a wonderful job of marketing and were also helpful with the process on the buyer's end. I hope you picked up a few contacts to help you list other homes and that you have much success in the future. Your newsletter did attract us to listing with you...I hope it has paid off for you over the years. Thank you for your faithfulness and organization in doing that so consistently for at least the 10 years we have lived in Bellevue." Ward H.

Cougar Mtn seller and Somerset buyer!

"You will be my agent for life and also my family's. You are trustworthy, consistent in providing sage advice, and have a practical approach with a level-headed perspective. We now consider you part of our family. You have held our hands through the whole process." Erin W.

Eaglesmere Seller

"Ross Purintun has proved to be an excellent choice of Realtors for us. In preparation for the sale, he told us how to stage the house and exactly what needed to be done. Every step of the way, he proved himself to be knowledgeable and competent, always ready to be there for us. His expertise in the field helped resolve issues and calm frayed nerves. We were blessed to have him as our Realtor and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy/sell their home." Gratefully, Jim & Willie C.

Somerset Seller

"Thanks Ross. We are most appreciative for all your time & effort in providing the greatest gift we could hope for in 2011. I remember seeing you work with our son in selling his Redmond home and deciding that, if we ever had to sell our home, it would be by Ross Purintun. With your skills & expertise you completed the sale in most difficult times. This has been a memorable year for us in down-sizing & moving into our retirement home. Thank you very much. Wishing you a very Happy New Year." George & Isabel R.

Forest Ridge Buyer

My family has been looking to purchase a home in the South Bellevue area for some time. Due to the number of different and sometimes conflicting criteria--some of which changed over time, the entire process took much longer than we had expected. Since we were already living in the area, we had been receiving Ross' monthly newsletter, which had kept us abreast of the real estate situation in our vicinity as well as other interesting related tidbits of information. In fact, we found his newsletter so informative that we had kept them for reference in our filing cabinet and the stack eventually grew into a number of years' worth--a couple of inches thick.
When we first met Ross, we were immediately struck by several factors. First, he is intimately familiar with South Bellevue--he has been an Eastside agent for many years. He has been involved in the purchase and sale of many homes in the area, some of them multiple times. Second, he is technically very knowledgable. He is well informed on details of construction, heating & ventilation, flooring,, appliances, materials, and other aspects what makes up a house. This attribute is highly regarded and respected by me, being a licensed Washington State engineer. As we continued to work with Ross, his other qualities became apparent. First and foremost, he is a straight-arrow ethical professional person. No lies, no exaggerations, no deviousness, no back-stabbing or denigrating others in his profession, no crude remarks, no excuses, no biases. A grown-up Boy Scout, and we mean that in the best sense. We had in the past dealt with real estaete agents who were not like this, so our detectors were active. Ross didn't trip any of them. Ross has endless patience. He spent many hours with us looking at prospective homes. Sometimes we looked at them three or four times and he never seemed to mind. He never tried to rush a decision nor unduly influence our thinking process except to state the facts as he knew them.
Ross always kept his commitments. I don't remember him ever being late for an appointment--and we had many--and whenever he said he would send an e-mail regarding some matter or other, he did.
The bottom line is that Ross Purintun is a top notch real estate agent; the best we've ever come across; and we would recomment him to anyone without reservations. Erwin & Jane M.

Eastside Seller

"Ross, I just wanted to say thank you again for your patience and support through the sale of this home. I thought you were very empathetic toward us in a challenging time, and more importantly, you helped sell our house in a very difficult market. If you ever need a reference in the future, I would be happy to be one for you. It was a pleasure working with you." Peter B.